Free Online Photography Courses for you

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Free Online Photography Courses for you

Since learning photography is important, you might want to consider taking free online photography courses. Sure, paid conventional courses can also be found around you, but why pay when you can get them for free? Besides, an online course does not need to have a physical class to attend, making the learning process way more convenient and practical. Here are the websites to visit in order to attend online photography courses that are free.

LifeHacker’s Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide

The first website you can visit in order to gain online photography courses that are free is LifeHacker. LifeHacker provides a content which contains a lot of aspects that you need to study in order to understand photography. The text-based lessons provided by the content are pretty comprehensive and you can use lessons to learn how to use a camera and also to understand the basic principles of photography.

The lessons available include the explanation of how a camera works, how the automatic setting of a camera works, as well as other lessons which discuss other settings that are more advanced and manual. There are several videos available to make your effort in learning photography easier. Definitely, your effort to learn about photography will not be too hard since the lessons available are effective. To learn about free online photography, visit the website that offers you lessons.

MIT’s Documentary Photography and Photojournalism

The next one you can visit to learn photography is one of the coolest educational websites ever! Well, since it is provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you can expect that the free courses available are complex and awesome. In the website, you will be honed with several famous captures in the world in order to make your photographic skills and senses more sensitive. There are several parts where you have to capture the essence of a scene since it is an important skill for a skillful photographer. To learn free online photography, visit browse the web and broaden your horizon.


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