An Explanation of What High Resolution Photos Really Are

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An Explanation of What High Resolution Photos Really Are

Actually, what are high resolution photos and are they important? If you have such questions on your mind, then, let this article to help you provide the answer for such questions. Below you will find the correct explanation of what high-resolution photos really are. If you are curious, then, you will need to read it to finish!

The high-res or low-res

There is a quite intriguing scene which happens in a random office. You can consider that you are working in that office and imagine you have a co-worker. Someday, your coworker asks for a picture that he wants you to send him. After you have sent it, your co-worker complains that the picture is in low-res and he asks for the high-res variant instead. Is having a high resolution important and is there any difference between a high-resolution and a low-resolution picture? The answer is: sure, there are differences between them. Let us check the differences, shall we?

What high-resolution photos are

So, what are high resolution photos? High-resolution photos are also called as photos with denser image quality. The reason why they are called as such is that pictures are made of pixels that are so tiny yet numerous. Pixels, or also known as squares of color, construct an image and the number of them is the factor which determines how high the resolution of an image. The higher the number of the pixel, the denser the image is. Typically, when you zoom into an image you will see that the image will contain several tiny dots; these dots are the pixels and this kind of look is called as a pixelated look

The number of pixels

As mentioned earlier, the number of pixels determines the resolution of an image. A picture with low resolution would typically be constructed of about 72 pixels per inch or even fewer. On the other hand, high-resolution photos have at least 300 pixels per inch. Low-res pictures are great for websites since they are light and can be loaded faster, and high-res pictures are great for printing products since they look sharp. That was the answer for what are high resolution photos.


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